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"Thank you for allowing me to serve as your school board representative the past 4 years. I am committed to government that is efficient, cost-effective, and holds the line on our tax rates and is good for our taxpayers. I ask for your support on May 6th to be your Republican nominee to the Shelby County Commission from District 3.‚Äč"

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1) Who will I be running against? We will know February 20th. The last day petitions can be filed.

2) What and Where will i be running? County Commission District 3 which is made up of Bartlett and Lake land almost exclusively. You can find Disitrct 3 on the official map located here

3) When will he election be? This is a partisan race which means there will be a primary. The primary will be may 6th and the general election will be August 7th.

4) Why am I running? Fairly simple. Because i believe that our county government has so much more potential that is being currently displayed. The animosity between our governments is putting Shelby County at a strategic disadvantage compared to our peers across the country. We have to get back to solutions to drive competition in our region. That begins with bold discussions regarding our business environment, our schools, and our core county services. The only tax rate I support is one that supports a core set of strategic goals and objectives. And today, that tax rate is too high

I will run hard. I will run clean. I will run based upon the issues.

Finally, I would like to say that 4 years of working with a board of 23 and a 1.3 billion dollar budget has prepared me for this next step. I look forward to the race. I look forward to continuing to serve many of you. This position is important and as we get more into the campaign swing I will work to educate you on what this group does.

Thanks to you all for your support. I look forward to serving each and every one of you. If you would like to serve on my campaign team, please feel free to message me.
Proud Republican

Elect David Reaves County Commission District 3
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